Groups Speak At Transit Police Board Meeting On Transit Police and CBSA Collaboration

Community, Legal, Human Rights Groups Speak At Transit Police Board Meeting On Transit Police and CBSA Collaboration

Press Conference on Friday Feb 27th at 8:30 am, Anvil Center in New Westminster

Thursday February 26th, 2015 – On Friday February 27th at 8:30 am in front of the Anvil Centre, the Transportation not Deportation campaign will host a press conference to address the recent announcement by Transit Police to the Transportation not Deportation campaign about ending their Memorandum of Understanding with Canada Border Services Agency.

The press conference will include representatives from Transportation not Deportation, Mexicans Living in Vancouver, BC Civil Liberties Association, Council of Canadians, Critical Criminology Working Group at Kwantlen University, Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users, and individual concerned transit users.

“While we are pleased that grassroots community mobilizing has resulted in an end to the memorandum between Transit Police and CBSA, we want to ensure that Transit Police will not collaborate in any form with CBSA,” says Omar Chu of Transportation not Deportation. “Migrant communities will continue to remain in fear of accessing public transit unless we are assured that personal information gathered by Transit Police is not being shared at all with CBSA.”

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Transportation not Deportation Campaign Forces Transit Police to Terminate Agreement with Canada Border Services Agency


Friday February 20, Vancouver

“This afternoon, Transit Police informed representatives of the Transportation not Deportation campaign that they will terminate their Memorandum of Understanding with CBSA, that officers must receive permission from a Watch Commander to initiate contact with CBSA, and that they will not detain people without warrants for items that are simply contravention of immigration law,” confirms Omar Chu of Transportation not Deportation.

Since 2007, Transit Police and the Pacific Region Enforcement Center of CBSA have had a Memorandum of Understanding. Transit Police reported three hundred and twenty eight people to Canada Border Services Agency in 2013, one in five of whom faced a subsequent immigration investigation including deportation. Only 1.5% of all those referred to CBSA even had immigration warrants out. From November 2012 to January 2013, Transit police made had more referrals to CBSA than any other BC police force including the VPD and RCMP.

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February 27 – Flood the Transit Police!

Flood the Transit Police!

The transit police board meeting is on Friday February 27th from 9 AM to 12 PM at #300 – 287 Nelson’s Court in New Westminster, right next to Sapperton Skytrain Station [accessibility information forthcoming, we are waiting to hear from Translink about the space ]

[The meeting starts at 9:00 am but we will be gathering outside, slightly earlier, at 8:30 am, and then go inside]

Facebook RSVP:

The Transportation not Deportation campaign wants to bring our voices, demands and petition to the Transit police board. Every day that goes by, an average of one migrant is getting turned over to Canada Border Services Agenc by Transit police. We are calling for an immediate end to Translink and Transit police collaboration with Canada Border Services Agency.

Here are four ways to get involved:

1) The first part of the meeting is open for the public to attend and observe. Join us!

2) If you (as an individual or representative of your organization) are willing to speak, we encourage you to do so by filling out this short form by Feb 20 and emailing us at to let us know you have done so:

3) Please continue to sign and circulate the petition so we can present them with thousands of signatures:

4) If your organization has not yet signed on, please email us ( ) to be added as an organizational signatory:

We hope to see you there and thanks for joining us in making clear that public transit should not be a border checkpoint!

Transportation not Deportation Community Meeting

Transportation not Deportation Community Meeting
Wednesday January 28th from 6:00-8:00
YWCA 733 Beatty St, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories

We’re calling on members of our communities to come together for a discussion about the collaboration of Translink and Transit Police with CBSA. At the meeting, we hope to share experiences and develop ideas, strategies and solutions on how we can collectively reach our goals. Possible strategic actions could include flooding the Transit Police Public Board Meeting and creating canvassing teams for major transit hubs.

If you are unable to attend please see how you can get involved here:

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Petition Launched: Stop Turning Transit Into A Border Checkpoint

Petition to TransLink and Transit Police.

Sign and share here:

Our public transit system should not be a border checkpoint. Metro Vancouver’s Translink and Transit Police should not ask for or retain immigration status information, and should they learn of someone’s immigration status they should not share that information with Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Even police agencies in the U.S. are refusing to enforce federal immigration laws.

I want you to stop turning people over to CBSA and stop enforcing federal immigration law immediately. You should also terminate the existing Memorandum of Understanding between Transit Police and Canada Border Services Agency and do not enter into any such future collaborations with CBSA. Instead, you must ensure access to our public transit system without fear of criminalization or deportation to all residents.