Transportation not Deportation Community Meeting

Transportation not Deportation Community Meeting
Wednesday April 1st from 6:30-8:30
YWCA 733 Beatty St, Vancouver, Unceded Coast Salish Territories


As you have likely heard by now, Transit Police announced they will terminate their Memorandum of Understanding with Canada Border Services Agency.

They also made verbal commitments about their operational protocol including:

– Officers must receive permission from a Watch Commander to initiate contact with CBSA.
– In the absence of a criminal investigation, they will not detain people found to be undocumented who have no outstanding warrants.
– They will work to determine an acceptable range of identification documents for the purposes of fare enforcement.

However, the public has yet to see directives in writing or the details of how they will be implemented and monitored. For example, we have no assurance that Transit Police will not share any personal information, contact information or personal identity information with CBSA. The absence of policy on information sharing could, for example, lead to Transit Police sharing someone’s address with CBSA putting people at risk of being detained shortly thereafter.

This is particularly concerning when taking into account CBSA spokeswoman Jennifer Bourque’s statement that “information sharing is covered under existing privacy legislation.” (

The new commitments from Transit Police can only be considered meaningful if these changes result in minimal to zero contact and referrals to CBSA.

We’re calling on members of our communities to come together for a discussion about the changes and continued concerns of CBSA’s role on public transit. We hope to share experiences and develop ideas, strategies and solutions on how we can collectively reach our goals so that nobody has to fear detention and deportation simply for riding public transit.



We will have snacks and bus tickets.
We will also have childcare on-site.

The YWCA Hotel is wheelchair accessible. The building has about 10 stairs to the front entrance and a side ramp to the front entrance. The room is on the ground level with double doors. There are two wheelchair accessible bathrooms.For a look at the room and what seating looks like visit:


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